Celebrating Bernard “Focus…” Edwards Jr: Music Lounge Mixer in Los Angeles!

As we raise our glasses to toast Focus… and his remarkable achievements, let us also celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship that defines the Music Lounge Mixer. Together, let’s continue to build bridges across industries, championing diversity and inclusion every step of the way. Cheers to Bernard “Focus…” Edwards Jr., and to all the Indi-Preneurs! Let’s never forget the power of collaboration—it inspires, innovates, and transforms lives.  

Collaborating closely with a distinguished group of partners, Kevin Shine, a seasoned entertainment consultant, brings over 25 years of expertise to the entertainment industry. Among these partners are Timothy “Fontainn” Gayles, a producer and music business executive; Grammy Award-Winner Shamel Hughes; Hakan Ar, a successful businessman in New Jersey; Sherontelle Dirskell, a media and publishing specialist for major artists; and Nina Teapot Owens, a music executive. Kevin serves as the Founder and CEO of Writing Sessions America,  READ MORE…..

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